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XPS Viewer the stylish way to read your XPS document

XPS Viewer was visually designed as an XPS reader. It’s not an add-on or browser plug-in, and deliberately moves away from the Microsofts standard small button layout to make it suitable for todays tablet devices.
Convert XPS to PDF, straight from the XPS Viewer.

  • No need to load special print drivers
  • No Optical Character Recognition (OCR), no risk of random word changes
xps viewer flip book

xps viewer open file icon
xps viewer two page view icon
xps viewer xps convert to pdf icon

XPS Viewer
Simple to Use

XPS Viewer
Made for Reading

XPS Viewer
Convert XPS to PDF

  • XPS Viewer uses a standard pc installer.
  • Once installed, just open your document and start reading.
  • XPS Viewer Focuses on Reading
  • Choose Flip Book or Scroll View layout
  • Use it on your Tablet Device
  • XPS Viewer Extensions add Functionality
  • Convert XPS to PDF straight from XPS Viewer