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XPS Reader
our XPS Viewer is the stylish way to read your XPS document

Produced as an XPS Reader from the start, it's not a plug in and is layed out for easy reading whether you are on a desktop or tablet devices.
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XPS Reader
Easy to Use

XPS Reader
Focused on Reading

XPS Reader
XPS to PDF Conversion

our XPS Viewer:
  • Uses a standard pc installer.
  • Once installed, just open your document and start reading.
  • Flip book and scroll view layouts
our XPS Viewer:
  • Perfect for desktops or pc tablets
  • Full document search and zoom facilities
  • Multiple view layout options
our XPS Viewer:
  • extensions add Functionality
  • XPS to PDF straight from the Viewer
  • XPS to multiple image formats
  • Currently extensions only available to versions licensed prior to Jan 2015