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XPS Viewer / Convert XPS to PDF Email Addresses

        For Licensing Questions and Product Enquiries:
        For any Technical Issues:

License Entry Issues

Please read our license issues page, if you still have issues contact via our sales email:

Software Issues

If you have a Software Issues please send us as much information as possible, including where possible:
  • Problem Description
  • The steps that got the error to occur
  • Screen Capture (if it makes sense/is possible)
    - Click on your XPS Viewer application and press the Alt Key and Print Screen
    - Run paint:  Windows "Start " "Accesories > Paint"
    - In Microsoft Paint select Edit>Paste, you should now see the application capture in the paint view.
    - Select File>Save and save the file as either a GIF or JPEG file.
  • If the software detects an issue it may also prompt you to send us a the log file, in which case it will provide the directory and filename which we require.
  • The version of XPS Viewer and also which Windows operating system you are running it on.
The more information you provide us as to how you error ocurred the more likely we can solve it.