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Get the most from your XPS Viewer

Running the install program

  • You should have been presented with a Dialog box to Save or Run the XPS Viewer Setup application. Clicking "Run" will run the XPS Viewer setup application.
     - if you can't see the dialog box, check it is not behind this window (minimize the browser)
  • If you have saved the install to complete it you will need to run the XPS Viewer setup application by double-clicking on it's icon in the folder that you saved it in
  • Microsoft may require that some newer files are loaded on older systems, please accept these installs.
  • Once you have run the install, the software can be started from it's desktop icon or the start programs menu.
  • If you have any issues with the install please contact us on

Getting Started

xps viewer open file iconThe first time that you run the XPS Viewer you will need to click the Open File Button.

Request for more Features

Is there more functionality that you would like to see in the product? We would like to know what you think. Please send your thoughts and requests to

Software Issues

Please check our support section and send any issues to