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XPS Viewer - Getting Started

If you haven't already downloaded the software download from here it's free!!

When you first run the application, the Application Buttons are available (minimize, maximize, close application, license and help), and also the open document button. If you had previously opened xps documents you would also see images of the most recent documents opened.
Use the open file button to open your xps document.

XPS Viewer - Application Buttons

Minimize Maximize Close Application
Close File Enter License About, Documentation, Go to Website, Check for latest software version

XPS Viewer - Flip Book View

Open XPS Document
Switch to Scroll Book view
Convert to PDF and convert to images Gif, Jpeg, Png, Tiff, and Wmp

XPS Viewer - Scroll Book View (additional buttons)

Two Page Scroll
Switch to Flip Book View
Zoom – Full Page Fit
Zoom – Page Width
Search / Find

XPS Viewer - Previous Documents View

xps viewer recent files screenshot

The previous documents view will be displayed when no documents are open. From here you can either select a document to open, or open a new document with the open file button.

XPS Viewer - Convert to PDF and multiple image formats